Tips on How to Wash Every Vehicle Like a Pro

you love your car and care about its exterior, it’s your duty to keep it clean and happy. And how else can you do it if not with a proper washing! Most people wash their car quickly with hand soap to save time and money.

However, they’re not aware of the damage they make to their vehicle. If you truly care about your vehicle, it’s time to learn how to wash it like a pro. And we’re here to help you learn how to do it nice and easy. Read carefully and apply our few important and useful tips in your car’s next showering.

Always read the label of car cleaning products before using them

It’s important to read the label before you use or purchase any of the car cleaning products. They vary not only from brand to brand but also from quality to quality. However, the quality isn’t the only thing that matters.

You need to read the ingredients as well. If you use a chrome wheel cleaner on an aluminum wheel you can cause a possible damage. Another important tip is to wash the towels and mitts after every cleaning. Allow yourself to buy some quality microfiber cleaning cloths. Keep them separate for paint, windows and wheel usage.

Never use a dish cleaner or liquid detergent but a car washing soap

Dish cleaner or liquid detergent will destroy your car’s paint and strip away wax. Always use a car washing soap and clean dry cloths to wipe after washing. Don’t forget to wash the windows and tires carefully and properly.

Prepare the surface for polishing

After you wash your car, run your hand over it’s washed the surface and you will notice every possible scratch, oxidation in color, swirls, and stains that washing couldn’t remove. Before you polish your car, prepare its surface with a clay bar. It will remove every stain from the surface of your car, including the wax. It will also restore the smoothness of the paint. In order to deal with scratches, use a compound. It may require a second, third or even fourth application to help you get rid of the small scratches. The deeper ones can be removed only by painting.

Polish the surface for extra gloss

You don’t have to do it, however, if you want your car to shine, polish the surface for extra gloss. This isn’t a necessary step and can be applied by hand or with a dual-action polisher.

Wax the surface to protect it from the sun

Using was is like using a sunscreen. You apply it when to avoid sun burning. And if you can burn in the sun, so does your car. Wax the surface to protect it from the sun. Waxing adds a layer of protection from UV rays and prevents’s paint fading.

Maintain your car’s shine and protect it on a daily basis

After you washed, polished and waxed your car, it’s important to maintain its shine and protect it daily. Always keep a spray detailer and clean microfiber clothes to quickly remove the overspray, dust and bird poop.

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