Why You Should Consider Alfa Romeo’s 4C Spider

As a sports car enthusiast, you want a car with exceptional performance while at the same time enhancing safety while on the road. Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a car that will give you this and much more. With a vintage weight of about 2,487 pounds, this is a light-weight car that is easy to handle and sleek ensuring that you drive in style.

·         Exceptional Performance

This is one of the most lightweight sports cars you will have on the road today. It weighs less than 2,500 pounds while most others are above 3,000 pounds.  The weight plays an important role when it comes to accelerating since, in less than 5 seconds, the car hits 60 mph. its weight is also something that helps in negotiating corners.

·         Amazing Power

Every driver wants a car with optimal performance. It’s a car that does not experience turbo lag with its turbocharged four-cylinder all-aluminum engine. It makes use of every fuel drop and produces 237 horsepower. Balance is something else that you do not have to worry about with Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. Besides transferring uninterrupted power to the wheels, the engine which is placed behind the seats enhances balance.

·         Maximum Strength

The 4C Spider boasts significant strength while on the road giving you much comfort as the driver. The stiffness and the structure provided by the single-piece carbon-fiber chassis is what improves the handling. This is made possible by the engineers who align the carbon fibers manually. Although it makes the car stronger, the weight is still minimal.

More Reasons to Consider 4C

Besides the performance, stability, and power, there are more reasons to purchase this Italian sports car. It is relatively affordable compared to other sports cars in its class. It comes with smaller brakes, smaller engine and smaller components which explains its weight. This is surely a head turner and if you love speed and style, this is the car for you.

A sports car should offer you luxury, style, and optimal performance. Alfa Romeo’s 4C Spider will offer you this and much more. One other thing that stands out is its sleek design. It will definitely turn heads whenever you drive by. If you are looking for a car that offers maximum strength, extra-ordinary power, exceptional performance, stability, and comfortable handling, that is also affordable, this is a great option.

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